Articles and preprints

Selected presentations


  • noisy-moo: A wrapper-based framework for pymoo problem modification and algorithm benchmarking. Initially developed to test KNN-averaging.
  • opetopy, 2018. A Python implementation of the opetopes and opetopic sets derivation systems presented in Syntactic approaches to opetopes and Syntactic approach to opetopic categories (see above).


Opetopes: Syntactic and Algebraic Aspects, PhD thesis, 2020, under the supervision of Pierre-Louis Curien and Samuel Mimram. Defended on 2020-10-15 before a thesis jury comprised of Denis-Charles Cisinski (president), Nicola Gambino (referee), Marek Zawadowski (referee), Eugenia Cheng (member), Geoffroy Horel (member), François Métayer (member), Pierre-Louis Curien (director), and Samuel Mimram (director). Presentation slides (in French and English).