• Turbo Broccoli: A Python package containing JSON (de)serialization extensions. It makes it possible to embed bytes, numpy arrays, keras models, etc. in a dict and seemlessly pass it on to json.dump, and conversely, reconstruct these objects using json.load.

  • kappak: My LaTeX package. It regroups functionalities I find useful, from general style of LaTeX documents (title page, chapter style, header / footer, …), to more specific math related commands (theorem environments, commutative diagrams, …). Consequently, it might not be as useful for you as it is for me, but you are welcome to give a try. Wiki-that-might-or-might-not-be-up-to-date ( ̄ω ̄;).

  • s3backup: This docker image performs incremental backups of a given volume to an S3 storage using restic and rclone.

  • potatos: Personal OS experiment in C++. When you press a key it display what key you just pressed yay.

  • SeAT Navy Issue: simpler alternative to SeAT. In short, it is an EVE Online community manager, in the form of a REST API. Its core functionalities include: managing corporations, alliances, and even coalitions; creating and managing custom groups; storing and refreshing ESI tokens; making queries against the ESI; a simplistic clearance system; and a Discord and Teamspeak connector. Note that this project is just a backend. For a nice web-based user interface, check out SNI-frontend.

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