This is a homemade LaTeX package regrouping functionalities I deem handy. It is provided under the MIT license.


Reasonably up to date.



On Linux: execute the following commands in your favorite terminal:

git clone https://github.com/altaris/kappak.git
cd kappak
make install

You're all set!


On Winslows: create a folder this/is/a/path/tex/latex and clone the repository using git:

git clone https://github.com/altaris/kappak.git

Alternatively, you can download a zip of this repository, and extract the content of /out/texmf/tex/latex/kappak/ in this/is/a/path/tex/latex/kappak. Then, open the Settings(Admin) program. Under the Roots tab, add this/is/a/path. Under the General tab, click on Refresh FNDB, then on Update Formats.


No idea.

Autocompletion files

In TeXstudio

  • On Linux: copy out/autocompletion/kappak.cwl to ~/.config/texstudio/completion/user/;
  • On Windows: copy out/autocompletion/kappak.cwl to %APPDATA%/TeXstudio/completion/user/;
  • On MacOS: no idea.

In TexMaker

On all platform: 1. TexMaker -> Options -> Settings File -> Save a copy of the settings file; 2. Append the content of the out/autocompletion/kappak.texmaker.txt file to the saved TexMaker configuration file, of merge it if the key Editor\UserCompletion already exists; 3. TexMaker -> Options -> Settings File -> Replace the settings file by a new one.

In Sublime-Text

  • On Linux: copy out/autocompletion/kappak.sublime-completions to ~/.config/sublime-text-<VERSION>/Packages/User/;
  • On Windows: copy out/autocompletion/kappak.sublime-completions to %APPDATA%/Sublime Text <VERSION>/Packages/User/;
  • On MacOS: no idea.